Copyediting & Copywriting

Some things you’ve done for so very long that they become second nature. For me, that’s copyediting and copywriting (and improving fundraising processes, but that’s another page).

To be honest, copyediting is my favorite thing: I love—absurdly love—improving copy given to me by others. I see what needs to change to make text more readable, tighter, and more powerful.

A million years ago, I trained in copyediting for mega publisher Meredith (before they were Dotdash Meredith). The advice that stuck with me, that I know I’ll never forget, is that copyeditors are advocates for the reader: We’re the people laser focused on shaping that text into copy a reader will understand quickly and smoothly. I review every word, every sentence, with that advice in my head. When I’m done, I take off my copyeditor hat and make sure the average reader will be enlightened, not puzzled—intrigued but clear about what we mean. For me, copyediting is a wholly satisfying experience and brings me joy.

Copywriting has been a large part of my professional responsibilities since entering the workforce (I’m GenX… you do the math). I write personally and have been published several times, which I’m pretty proud of. What to say to donors, investors, board members, community members, customers, skeptics: I’ve got you.

It’s hard to judge who’s good at what, so give me a trial project: We’ll see if we get on, and you’ll see my skills in real time.