Services for Nonprofits and Philanthropists

I’m a long-time nonprofit professional helping nonprofits and philanthropists accomplish great things for vulnerable people. We’re so lucky to be doing this work—let’s help others get better at it.

Services for Nonprofits:

  • Developing fundraising plans
  • Utilizing effective fundraising practices: Moving from good to great
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with your funding partners (not their checkbooks)–aka stewardship
  • Creating, working with, and advancing your board of directors
  • Measuring your impact: How, why, what to avoid, who’s doing it right, and how to talk with funding partners about it
  • Coaching for new or less experienced directors of development and grantwriters
  • Mastering communications: Finding your voice, creating and editing content for various channels, improving your storytelling, handling all this when you’re a small team (or a team of one)
  • Other supports and coaching: Leading teams, providing an engaging social media experience, leading effective meetings
Services for Institutional and Individual Philanthropists:
  • Finding and vetting high-quality nonprofits to add to your short list of potential grantees
  • Creating a scoring rubric to ensure you/your team is on the same page when evaluating existing and potential grantees
  • Reviewing grant applications
  • Helping you define how you’ll address impact and outcomes, since every nonprofit measures and talks about them differently
  • Identifying possible capacity-building investments you could make that would take a promising nonprofit to the next level and ready them for a grant from you

I do this work from France via FaceTime/Skype, phone, email, and text; I’m sometimes in Chicago, St. Louis, and the New York City/CT region. (I moved to get out of the rat race, but some of those rats are family and dear friends, so I visit.)