Things I’ve Done

  • worked for President Obama’s mentor
  • went dogsledding in Norway inside the Arctic Circle
  • volunteered to help ESL kids learn to read English
  • lived in France in 2008 as a Rotary International Cultural Ambassadorial Scholar to learn the culture and the language
  • won a college chemistry contest as a high school junior
  • bungee jumped
  • patrolled the Mississippi River during the Great Flood of 1993 IDing weak spots on one of the nation’s largest levee systems
  • worked on youth and education issues for the man who’s now the governor of my adopted state of Connecticut
  • was a bunny mom to Domus’ therapy rabbit, Hoppers
  • wrote speeches for (winning and losing) political candidates 
  • quilted with three generations of my mom’s family
  • helped a phenomenal nonprofit go from raising $0 annually in private funds to over $6M when I left
  • was a high school principal’s daughter
  • convinced PBS Turning Point documentary series producers to do a tremendously moving episode about my boss at Domus, Mike Duggan
  • learned the Texas Two Step at a barn dance in the middle of nowhere on Spring Break
  • mentored a young woman for a decade
  • talked my way onto the roof of the Illinois State Capitol to view the 4th of July fireworks

I was raised by a practical, determined Midwestern woman who randomly met and married an Italian man from New Jersey. I hope my mom was right when she said I was the best of both of them. I’m impatient and never say never. I’m an empathetic listener and a creative problemsolver. I don’t miss deadlines. I’m a feminist, a bad but enthusiastic singer, and a voracious reader. I love crafting a plan. If I believed in having a calling in life, eliminating suffering would be it.