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Walking & succumbing to fashion

I am doing lots of walking, which is a good thing. But…cobblestones are hard on the joints. And there are cobblestones EVERYWHERE. In every city I visit here, I am walking on cobblestones 98% of the time. After 8 or 10 hours, my joints are a little achy. But wearing any other shoe, I imagine I’d be crippled by pain after a few hours.
I have discovered an ugly but effective walking shoe (which I’m shocked I’m not talking about constantly): MBTs. I have worn them in the US, but here, they are essential. Witness all the other tourists here wearing fashionable flats, yet in pain. Not me: I am unfashionable (to the point of stares from fellow pedestrians) but able to walk for many miles a day. Bonus points for improving my posture.
If anyone here has a bad back or will be doing some heavy-duty walking, I cannot recommend these hideous shoes enough. E-peruse the online sales to save some money, but don’t be dissuaded by the price, which seems so small after they’ve served me so well.

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