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Social Innovation, Nonprofit Style

Check out this November 19, 2016, article on about Wanona Satcher, who’s created a nonprofit to turn unused shipping containers into tiny affordable housing units. This has been done on a small scale elsewhere for homeless individuals and vets. Satcher says it’s viable because the containers are sitting empty and are cheap, plus her work creates jobs. Let’s see if President-Elect Trump will include Satcher in his big infrastructure plan and, as they say, kill two birds with one stone.

Should we pair this with a pilot program of universal basic income (or unconditional or guaranteed basic income, or wage floor, as it’s sometimes called)? Here’s some rationale for this long-considered idea from a European advocacy group, where the idea has much more traction than in the US (except for perhaps Utah). How it would be implemented in the US is a sticking point, but if Trump’s going to give states all kinds of flexibility, perhaps this will be something a few states will try.