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The new consulting biz!

I’m taking my 20 years of working at and with nonprofits and doing something new. I just left a large CT nonprofit where I worked for over 15 years…a fantastic place called Domus in Stamford, CT. If you’re into entrepreneurial leadership and vulnerable children, you’ll love it.

Now I help nonprofits raise more money and operate more strategically, and I help philanthropists wisely invest their dollars in high-impact nonprofits.

And: I’m doing it from France. I decided life was short and that I should do this work remotely from the place I’ve dreamed of living. (A slightly delayed and incredibly mild mid-life crisis? Not really.) Yes, I could’ve done this from anywhere, but if you’re going to up-end things, why not go all the way and live the life you’ve dreamed of?

Posts here will 1) be short, and 2) will focus on philanthropy and nonprofit trends in things like data, online giving, effective nonprofit practices, government, action/practices related to nonprofits, and anything else that comes my way related to philanthropy and nonprofits.