Miscellany · Past life: Living in France 2008

Food journal

New foods* I have tried so far in France:
–Baked rabbit over pasta
–Shredded carrots with vinegar and tuna
–Parsley salad with tomato, goat cheese, and olive oil + balsamic vinegar (high in “veetamin C,” says my host mother)
–Roquefort cheese mixed with butter on toast
–Baked artichoke with olive oil + balsamic vinegar (okay, not new for many Americans, but I’m a big baby when it comes to trying new foods…this was big for me)

*Not counting foods that I could not identify.

One thought on “Food journal

  1. I know you do not tend to be adventurous where food is concerned, so your willingness to try new things while on your trip is admirable. (I’ve heard the French prepare awesome brains – maybe you want to try that out?) I hope you get to taste many delicious things and not too many yucky ones…

    Bon appetit! Alex

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