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It was way back in February 2017 that, at the National Prayer Breakfast, newly installed President Donald Trump stated he’d “get rid of and totally destroy the Johnson Amendment and allow our representatives of faith to speak freely and without fear of retribution.” Super: Another way to inject money into politics. NPR’s explainer tells you about… Continue reading Money, Politics, Nonprofits, & Government

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Nonprofits and Philanthropy in 2017

Subtitled: “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades”* …For Some 2017 hasn’t even happened yet, and already its impact is being felt by nonprofits and philanthropists. Some donors are giving bigger in anticipation of their future tax savings under a President Trump. Many nonprofits are already seeing more and bigger gifts from supporters who… Continue reading Nonprofits and Philanthropy in 2017

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Philanthropy Trend: Donor Dropouts and Decreases

Here’s a pretty disturbing summary of American philanthropy trends from 2015: In a Slate article posted yesterday, Helaine Olen notes that [emphasis mine]: Americans gave a record-setting $373 billion to charitable endeavors in 2015, according to the Giving USA Foundation’s annual philanthropic survey. When the Institute for Policy Studies crunched the data to discover who exactly… Continue reading Philanthropy Trend: Donor Dropouts and Decreases

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Giving Tuesday: Yea or Nay? Actually: Both

I’m of two minds on Giving Tuesday–mostly negative. Typically, nonprofits don’t end up getting new donors from things like this. If you get money from an existing donor, it more than likely cuts into the other gift they were going to make. I’ve heard from some donors that it increases “donor fatigue”–the constant barrage of… Continue reading Giving Tuesday: Yea or Nay? Actually: Both

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My story* about leaving the fast lane: New York Post

I was recently interviewed by career expert Vicki Salemi for a story on the differences between work culture in the US and Europe. In her NY Post piece, you hear from several of us who’ve escaped the fast-paced workplace environment (in my case, the East Coast) and can contrast that to…for instance, France. It’s 2:30pm… Continue reading My story* about leaving the fast lane: New York Post

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Social Innovation, Nonprofit Style

Check out this November 19, 2016, article on about Wanona Satcher, who’s created a nonprofit to turn unused shipping containers into tiny affordable housing units. This has been done on a small scale elsewhere for homeless individuals and vets. Satcher says it’s viable because the containers are sitting empty and are cheap, plus her work creates… Continue reading Social Innovation, Nonprofit Style