Past life: Living in France 2008

Art, even for non-art-lovers

It looks fake, it really does, but it happened this afternoon in the most perfect place.

I am a huge fan of the late, great artist Alexander Calder. (I even saved my pennies in 1998 when I was making no money to fly to DC and see the huge retrospective at the National Gallery.) Calder lived and worked in Saché, France (near Tours, where I’m living) for several decades prior to his death. His studio now hosts two artists’ residencies each year, allowing creators to live and work in his space and take in the same breathtaking views.

The current artist, Briton Roger Hiorns, created several interesting pieces hanging from the studio’s ceiling (for similar work of his, click the link and view the first picture in the last row), but the big news was outside: a huge vat that spewed large chunks of soap foam, which, sometimes, took to the wind, like this:

I don’t have Mr. Hiorns’ permission to post this, so if you want to share it, please just forward the link and don’t repost…that way I’ll get in less trouble. I hope. Thanks.